Monday, January 30, 2017

Old Gypsy Woman is...

Old Gypsy Woman 20"x20" Acrylic on stretched canvas

Self portraits are and have been my worst nightmare. I don't paint or draw realistically, which is an easy scapegoat excuse, when the truth is I have no idea what I look like. Like the tall tale stories, family dramas, and grandparents' recounts of history, I've grown up constantly being told who I look like. I have my Mama Mia's face, my dad's eyes, Gma Carmen's devious eyebrows, Bebe's cheeks, Auntie Feliz's smile and a whole lot of her attitude... that one is pretty spot on. Every feature has been divvied up and designated to another person, and like the tales our family thrives on sharing, my face became another landmark of mine and their ancestry.
In so many ways this is frustrating, but in so so many wonderful ways it is a gift they gave me, to be able to sit and see these fascinating, strong, wickedly perceptive crazy people everyday. That frustration of not feeling singularly "Hannah" turned into the Gypsy. If I could never look in the mirror and just see me, I could at least paint who I was to become even if I will never look like her either.

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." Michelangelo
The Gypsy Woman all but begged to come out of the canvas and she was painted in all of 6 hours and for nearly 4 years I lied about who she was...
Because how crazy sounding is an explanation like this sound?
"I know she doesn't look like me but she's me when I am 80, the age that I will say fuck it to my failing lung capacity (asthma) and take up smoking, wear all of my jewelry that has been passed down to me, on the hands that resemble every woman's in my family. I will dye my hair blue, purple grey and black, wear floppy hats and be sun baked from years of being in the sun... and in all probability I'll have a tattoo that says, "I do what I want" somewhere on my body."  
The Gypsy Woman is who I think, want, and know I will become someday. A sassy old chick who drops the f-bomb too much.... and even that is like the women in my family. We don't lose our sass as we age if anything it multiplies into the world class sass monsters destroying your days and making you laugh at the same time.
The Gypsy Woman is the one piece I will never sell, she has hung on a wall in every apartment, house, and basement I have lived in. Now traveling the country in a 23ft Winnebago with me and my pup. She is there every day hanging in the kitchen making me smile, I see her when I wake up, and in my rear view mirror while I drive, always reminding me to be brave or I won't get to meet this badass lady looking back at me.
Beep Beep 

Monday, January 16, 2017


New website logo and goals

With the new year I wanted to bring together and really get back to focus on my art, design and work in general. 2016 was an enormous year of change and acclimating to the RV Life. This year I want to incorporate the traveling with work. 

I have been designing for individuals and business large and small for nearly 9 years now. I have come a long way from the girl who walked into a design studio with no computer skills whatsoever and a portfolio full of "weird" abstract paintings and drawings with the promise that "I can learn." Now working on my own for three years, that studio taught me that I indeed could learn, and fast, excelling at connecting with customers and finding exactly what they desired in a design, be it a logo, brochure, t-shirt, banner or even just a notepad emblem. Every job is important and although it doesn't take someone who cares to create something for you, I believe it takes someone passionate about designing for you to make a truly unique and one of kind project come to life.  

An artist first and foremost,  I have learned how to utilize my artistic abilities with designing and even traveling solo across the country. Building relationships with people across the country and selling one of kind pieces to people who might never have thought they were "art collectors." 

My goal with both my art and design has always been the, "The Pretty." I find The Pretty in everything, from day to day ordinary objects and places,breath taking views from on top of a mountain in the desert or the beach at sunset, finding the right painting swish, to the perfect font in a design, I want and am inspired by the pretty in the darkness, light and life.

 I hope to elaborate and share more of the Hannah Go Beep Art Design and Traveling life and hope you all find "The Pretty" in everything I share. Happy Monday! Remember Sharing is Caring!
Beep Beep

Sunday, January 1, 2017


2016 was the year of new experiences, change and facing fears, all while experiencing amazing and beautiful sunsets, mountaintop views, crazy cities and going from coast to coast all while creating art and design along the way. It has felt like the longest and fastest year of my life, trying to navigate a new life in an RV fulltime all while actually navigating my way around the country.

I could not have gotten this far without the amazing support system, from family to friends scattered in all corners of the country to my beautiful bad dog, Miss Aja who has been with me for every bit of it. I have met so many new faces and have made some friends for life along the way.

It has in no way been perfect, but for every hurdle, mess up, missing family and close friends, and in my case a battling with a building I have survived and figured out how to work with my resources and figure shit out.

So 2017 let’s see what kind of funny, strange, unicorn themed, possibly genius, possible idiotic adventures we can get into in the Winnie. Lord knows I love a good challenge. 
Beep Beep

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When I needed a Hug

The Planet Caravan found a SKP Co op park 60 miles outside of Vegas, in Parump,NV. Pair-A-Dice Escapees Park to be exact.  Where the three of us (Myself, Brandy, Jason, Winnie the Unicorn RV, Gulliver the travel camper and with crazy dogs in tow). Spent two nights recuperating our bodies and souls. Sporadically breaking into the Little Drummer Boy Christmas Carol, because when in Parump you par ump pa pa pum. A first time visit to Sin City for me, was both exhilarating and incredibly exhausting. Sometimes you need a stranger to hug you and tell you that they are proud of you. Two weeks ago, after a fun, Rum, sleep deprived flavored Halloween spent in Vegas I received it. Escapees is a resource for full-time RV’ers, from information about mail, discounts, job listings and campgrounds run by their members, where apparently they give hugs… I realized I hadn’t really been hugged since I left home. One of those warm hugs for your bone weary soul, from someone that wants nothing from you but to welcome you. My hug came from this adorable little woman who told me how proud she was of me… for being brave, doing what I want to do, wandering around and most of all in her words, “You know you won't grow old and ask yourself if all you did was clean your house… when what you wanted to do is be wild.” I headed off to California after this short recuperating trip with most of my energy back but also a new pride in myself for continuing to explore new places and experiences and finding those odd people along the way that just get it. Beep beep

Monday, October 10, 2016

Colorado vs Hannah's Asthma

O the wonders of indoor plumping…. especially a hot shower. I have been dragging since Tuesday, the elevation is reeking havoc on my asthma. I have also been reacclimating to driving long distances and a fiasco with my bank card creating a new and fun obstacle to hurdle on my travels.The Winnie took us out of the Show Me state Monday afternoon, and we aimed our aerodynamic deficient box on wheels west towards Colorado. 

After spending an uneventful but windy night at a nice Walmart in Junction City, KS, the next morning I tested the Winnies Un-aerodynanmicness by seeing how much wind and rain she could withstand on the highway… because I am smart. She did good and I rewarded myself with a cookie and Aja the Pig Cow Shark got a new bone for her epic road dogginess.We made it safely to our first destination, Haggard RV Park in Pueblo CO. Nothing fancy, but clean and nice owners and amazing view of all the mountains. Meet our fellow RV friends, Brandy and Jason and their new goat pup, Myla. Introducing the dogs has been interesting but I think they will get used to each other. They both are possessive and talkative, and Aja “small dog” bark is entertaining everyone. 

Wednesday we headed to the Royal Gorge, to see one of the highest suspension bridges in the world. Riding a gondola across the gorge and walking the bridge back. WE SAW GOATS! Yes, I was excited to see them, and the gorge was crazy, there’s a little train at the bottom that people can ride as well but it is a little pricey.I am not sure the trip up to the bridge was exactly the best for my already shaky breathing capability but I had a great time for the first day of exploring. We’re heading south to New Mexico today, since it is starting to get a little cold here in Pueblo, and we also have a time frame of getting to Vegas for Halloween. So thats where I am at. Also the hot shower thing, which is really a wonderful beautiful thing.Stay tuned, Beep Beep

Monday, September 26, 2016

Are you afraid?

I am asked all the time if I am afraid of what I'm doing… 
Easy answer: Yes

Harder answer: All the time, but I think I like it

 Even Harder Answer: I am more afraid every time I finish an art piece, than traveling to new states towns and parks. Finishing a piece is like saying it is possibly my last.  That I squeezed out that last bit of potential magic and this is all you unicorns get… an 8”x8” piece of me.
Usually a magical creature that I admire, in the landscape of my brain that is never dull, or gray but full spectrum of odd moodily happy beauty.

It is an odd fear, and I’m completely aware it isn’t the fear people are asking about. Maybe it isn’t really a fear but a sporadic moment of Imposter Syndrome. Where I secretly believe that everyone has been lying to me, that it has been this community joke to tell me I am good at this thing and I laughably believed not only them but in myself. I have a few days of sheer panic and depressed “Why didn’t I learn to be a good adult and become an accountant.” 
Then I remember I can’t flipping count and screw all these imaginary people who have been tricking me… because I’m awesome.” Soo thats my inner monologue coping with my own inner voice telling me I suck.  I tell it I’m a unicorn and it can kick rocks.

I finished the Wandering Dreamcatcher, and it was another one of those fear moments. I used her to focus all my manic and pent up energy into. The feelings of being boxed and trapped and controlled not by people but circumstance. I put on a fairly good act of being ok and calm, but deep down I’m a swirl fueled mess of caged animals looking to escape. So when I finished her the fear was back, the fear that she'd be last thing worth painting. But then I smacked myself and got the hell over it, because I need to eat and live and drive and freaking the fuck out helps no one.

The Dreamcatcher is lovely, she is too big for the Winnie, where she runs the risk of being used as a table rather than a piece of art. When I finished her I knew I would sell her, which is nice feeling, not wanting to hide her away and not share. It is even better to have found someone to buy her before hitting the road next week. A good friend who has become a bit of a collector of my large pieces. Miss Brie has three other pieces from me, none smaller than 24” x 48”. So I know she actually loves the piece.

I’ve dealt with the now normal fear that I don’t have anymore magic in me, that I can’t make something that moves someone. I'm in the middle of new ideas manifesting themselves in my head, so now I’m seeing where I will be next and what that new place will inspire.
Beep Beep

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dreamcatcher, the Wanderlust piece

I have this sneaking suspicion I am driving everyone insane. I adore them and they adore me, but at this point my antsy nervous pacing, moody silences and sporadic bits of incessant talking has made everyone a little bit more aware of how off my rocker I might be. I am a horrible stuck person. The Winnie is getting repaired from her battle with a building…I don’t think there are any real winners from that battle. While she is being fixed, I have cabin fever and have an intense desire to just be away. So I do what I’m good at, working… a lot. Design, draw and paint, rinse and repeat. 

Which brings me to the Dreamcatcher, she is a good sized piece coming to 4ft x 2ft and her canvas has been traveling with me for nearly 4 years. From apartments to basements to a Unicorn RV. She’s been used as a table, barrier, level, and curtain and now she finally gets to be what she was meant to be. She’s an outlet for my wanderlust and my growing more apparent resistance to being trapped, stuck and controlled.

At the heart of the piece it is a homage to change, music, wind, insomnia and the sky. It is odd to think that this stir crazy energy comes from not having the Winnie. That my immediate feeling of relaxed peace on the road is brought to life by a, to put it mildly, a box on wheels. But those wheels take me to other places and always bring me back home. Never Eating Sour Watermelons while the pig cow shark puts her entire body out the window and smells the scents where ever the hell we are going. 

I love this painting, and can’t wait to be done with her for various reasons, but mostly for someone to have her. She wont fit in the Winnie. She’s big like the emotions inside me that keep knocking at my asthmatic lungs, asking to be free. My eye is also on another canvas that needs it’s wings set free.

Beep Beep

Work in progress on the Dreamcatcher

My Lego Unicorn, his name is Howard